Orland Park budget makers start 2015 plan

Orland Park budget makers start 2015 plan

     While nothing relating to taxes is ever set in stone, Orland Park officials appear to be on track to hold the line on property taxes for the immediate future.             The news came during an annual budget planning workshop held Monday evening at Village Hall, 14700 S. Ravinia Ave., when Village Board members agreed with the idea of a flat tax levy, suggested by Finance Director Annmarie Mampe and other... Read more



A funny thing happened, but we wouldn’t know it Where did our senses of humor go? We used to have them, you know, but they’ve suddenly disappeared and been replaced by the thinnest skins found outside of a peach orchard. No longer can we laugh at ourselves or snicker at the lampooning of one’s heritage, background or personal traits.Done without malice, jokes of that nature are comical, not cruel. There’s nothing wrong with... Read more

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This week The Bridge TeenCenter events • Album Artwork — 4:30 to 6 p.m. today (Thursday), The Br... Read more